Thursday, March 19, 2009

Iguana Deuces Smoky Chipotlé Pepper Sauce

The Half Moon Bay Trading Company has been making great hot sauces from the rich fertile jungles of Costa Rica Central America since 1992. The Smoky Iguana is their contribution to the smoky chipotle lovers everywhere.

Created to fill a void in the popular Chipotlé sauce category... this ain't some fruity-based chipotlé salsa from up north. "Smoky, savory and kind'a hot" (as the label proudly displays), sums-up this new party and kitchen staple. Featuring a red jalapeño, tomato and red bell pepper base, it uniquely incorporates a rash of fine herbs and spices, as well as cocoa (say what?!) to play with the palate. It's nothing short of pure chipotlé flavor heaven. Put on a "Daiblos Locos" CD, chill down some Pacificos and fire up the parrilla... cause where's there's smoke there's fire!

Major Flavor Note: The Smoky Iguana Pepper Sauce is a pourable version of the chunkier Smoky Iguana Salsa, both share the same great flavor profile. Muy Claro?

Smoky Chipotlé Pepper Sauce is also available in the 2oz. deuce size.

While the 2oz. size is certainly portable, I'm not sure that 2 ounces of chipotle sauce in enough for more than a single meal. If you get the cute little deuce size, make sure you get at least a six pack!

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