Saturday, October 18, 2008

Smokey Chipotle Pepper Gourmet Salsa & Dip

The great white north is home to Epicurean Foods; makers of Prospero Smokey Chipotle Pepper Gourmet Salsa & Dip.

Epicurean Foods describes their salsa as follows:
"The rustic taste of our Chipotle Pepper Salsa on grilled meats is a wild new taste sensation! It's also great drizzled over cream cheese with crackers or crusty bread or as a delicious new topping on rice, steamed vegetables and mashed potatoes. "

This is one of the six fine salsas Epicurean food makes. The Raspberry & Chipotle Pepper Gourmet Salsa & Dip would be a nice change for the chipotle lover that likes their salsa with some sweet fruity elements.

If anyone has had the opportunity to try these great looking salsas from Canada we would love to get your feedback on them!

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Phyllis Sprout, co-founder said...

Hello Chip Fumee,

Thank you for your lovely review on our Gourmet Salsa!

This flavor continues to be the most popular of the Prospero Gourmet Salsa lineup.

I noticed your link takes people to our wholesale site. May I suggest indivudals follow the link directly to our Smokey Chipotle Salsa Product Page:

We have actually added 2 other flavours, Mango & Habanero and Green Jalapeno. These are being added to our website in the next week. Here's a link to the entire family:

Thanks again,