Monday, March 8, 2010

More Smoky Chipotle Goodness From The Great White North!

Epicurean Foods has hit The Smoky Chipotle radar again with a couple of new products that we're itchin' to get our hands on!

"Enjoy the increasingly popular taste of smoked jalapeno peppers with this fabulous mix of herbs, spices, peppers and veggies! We've made this dip mix moderately hot (so that there's no need to have the fire department on call), but still warm enough that you'll definitely "feel the heat"!You can also use this versatile dip mix in a number of other ways. To make an authentic roadhouse-style bread dipper, combine about a tablespoon of our dip mix with an ounce each of olive oil and balsamic vinegar (but red or white wine vinegar works great too). Let it mellow for about 30 minutes and use it instead of butter on your crusty, fresh bread.

Our Smokey Chipotle Pepper Dip Mix is tastes delicious in most stir-fry dishes - just sprinkle some into the wok as you are cooking (to your own personal taste) and you'll have created a wonderful new taste sensation that your family and friends will rave about!"

You know how much you love those Olive oil and balsamic bread dippers! Now you can get the Chile-head experience in your favorite snack with Epicurean Foods new Smokey Chipotle Pepper Bread Dipper Seasoning Mix!

"Only a few years ago, Chipotle peppers were unknown to most consumers in North America.  (They are smoked jalapeno peppers).  Recently, however, they have exploded in popularity and have become a more mainstream, but still exotic, taste.  We've combined the fabulous taste of Chipotle peppers with a wonderful melange of herbs and spices to form a superb bread dipper seasoning.  Experience the taste that everyone is raving about!"

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