Saturday, September 20, 2008

Arriba! Smoked Chipotle Bean Dip

After moving to the United States, Miguel Barrios could never find salsa quite as good as the salsa he had grown up with in Mexico City. So, utilizing his heritage, he created such a salsa by pioneering the open-roasted process in which he "Fire-Roasts" all the fresh vegetables prevalent in Mexican salsa products today.

Established in 1988, Riba Foods, Inc. is still a family-owned business and remains one of the premier fire-roasting packers in the U.S. Additionally, Riba Foods produces traditional Picante Sauces, as well as Italian Sauces, Bar-B-Que Sauces, Drink Mixes, and more.

Arriba! Smoked Chipotle Bean Dip is made from dried pinto beans which are slow cooked and combined with chipotle salsa, cilantro and other vegetables and spices to create an all-natural, delicious snack.

This stuff is available pretty much anywhere and if you need a quick smoky chipotle bean dip fix this should take care of it.

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