Thursday, September 18, 2008

Three Hot Tamales Rocks The Smokin' Chipotle.

Tangy and Sweet with a kick is what the Three Hot Tamales have achieved with this versatile BBQ Sauce. Sauteed onions, Smoked Chipotle Peppers and brown sugar create a flavor that any meat will desire.

Flavor and Taste 10/10
Nice rounded flavor. You can taste the smokiness of the peppers, sweet and tangy with a good bite

Consistency 10/10
Very thick and chunky. You can see large chunks of onion. Great color, bold reddish brown

Label 9/10
Excellent use of simplicity and white space; sure to be a classic with the attention paid to design basics. However it is whats inside that will keep folks coming back again and again.And this sauce will do that for sure!

Heat Level 5/10
Great heat level. Perfect for that rack of ribs; nice and spicy but it won't burn the lips right off your face! The nice texture a well as the balanced flavor along with just the right amount of zip makes this sauce perfect for any BBQ.

Overall 9/10
The Three Hot Tamales have a real winner with this sauce. It incorporates all the elements that make great BBQ. Great Flavor, nice texture, and just the right amount of heat! A winner on any grill!

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