Sunday, September 28, 2008

Ketchipotle; Hot & Smoky Chipotle Ketchup.

Dave Schy works as a freelance chef/culinary consultant. Over the years Chef Schy has created products and recipes for companies large and small all over North America.

His creations can be found on thousands of menus and grocery store shelves in the United States, Canada and Mexico. After a long and distinguished career as an Executive Chef, Dave has moved to Palm Desert California where he spends his time swimming laps and dreaming up new products and recipes for his company, New Taste LLC, as well as other companies. The product we are luvin here at The Smoky Chipotle is Ketchipotle!

Ketchipotle - The combination of ketchup and the sizzling hot and smokey chipotle pepper have produced the latest big, bold flavor sensation from Chef Dave, his new smokin' hot creation, Ketchipotle. Ketchipotle is a delicious balance of spicy, hot, sweet, and smoky flavors that make it the perfect addition to your condiment line up. It can be used as an extreme ketchup or as one of the best barbeque sauces you will ever taste. Ketchipotle is the second in a series of contemporary ketchup recipes created by Chef Dave.

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Andrew said...

So where can we buy some of this?